Preface from “Shadow Wraith”

The following excerpt is the preface from Maia Morgan’s first novel “Shadow Wraith”.


I stood on a barren cliff. The sound of steel on steel rang loudly in my ears.

Without warning, a great dragon the color of blood rose from the forest to the east and began to wing its way towards me. With a roar like thunder, a red jet of flame issued from its gaping mouth.

My body began to tremble, not with fear, but something far more foreign. A tingling spread through my body, and suddenly I was not myself.

Anger more powerful than any storm rocked me to the core as I propelled myself into the air. Bright blue wings powered me forward like an arrow into the face of my enemy. Sword-sharp claws rent diamond-like armor as snarls split the air and tails lashed, each of us seeking a weakness.

Suddenly, an agonized cry reached my ears. It spiked my heart and chilled my boiling blood as I dropped from the sky, seeking the one being that could bring about my end.


Stay tuned.  More to come!